The guitar chords PDF is a collection of chords I teach and use myself.  It includes basic "open" chords and more advanced barre chords.  

ALL STATE JAZZ pdfs and mp3s of the jazz auditions CLICK HERE

Here is the lead and chord comp example for I GOT RHYTHM

Here is the lead melody for the jazz audition tune DR. JAY.

And the chord comp for DR. JAY.


And a solo example of DR JAY

Some lesson videos from YouTube can be doors to other great lessons, watch one then explore new territories!

Here is a cool backing track for F pentatonic!

And this is a good jazz backing track using A minor and C major!!

And this one too!!

In B minor.....


12 Bar Blues Jam
(For the talent show)

Jazzy Progression

7th Grade Jazz Band "Blues by Five" Bass

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