Here are a few measures of hard rhythms.....The Hard Stuff

Video of hard stuff coming soon......

High School Jazz Band Set Audition Music  I call the Bossa Nova beat a Samba....it is a Bossa.... :-)

The following link is my UCM professor Dr. Sekelsky demonstrating the district jazz rhythms....

District Jazz Band Drumset examples   PDF of - grooves

ALL STATE JAZZ pdfs and mp3s of the jazz auditions CLICK HERE

This next video covers what I have called the Essential Jazz Grooves for drum set.  These exercises will work your coordination of both hands and feet. 

This next video demonstrates the 4 essential drumset grooves needed for most pep band music and some jazz band music.....@ 2:35, I say "measure 3" when I meant to say "measure 5."  Oh well.

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